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1. Acceptance

All orders are taken under the general conditions of sale shown here regardless of the issue of written confirmations and unless otherwise agreed in writing. The supply conditions possibly indicated in the customer documents are accepted only to the extent that they are compatible.

2. Delivery, quantity

The delivery terms are indicative and for ready goods are meant "subject to sale". Confirmed quantities, expressed in any way (kg, m, etc.) are indicative and refer only to available commercial formats.

3. Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery Even when transport is provided at our care and expense, the return is meant "ex works" and the goods always travel at the customer's own risk.

4. Packaging

The packaging, where provided and unless a different agreement is confirmed, is sold at cost and, on the basis of normal use, made in accordance with the type of material and transport conditions.

5. Testing and certifications

Our company is certified and adopts a "Quality Management" system in compliance with the "UNI EN ISO 9001" standard. This system allows us to issue "Certificates of Conformity" which guarantee that the material supplied has been subjected to the procedures required by the reference standards and is compliant. All certifications, including the release of the available Certificates of Origin, must be requested when ordering and involve a flat-rate refund for each position. The transcription, if available in the archive, of each Bulletin of Chemical Analysis and Physical-Mechanical Characteristics involves an additional cost contribution. Non-destructive tests can be agreed upon, upon which the goods are considered sold and accepted.

6. Complaints

Complaints are allowed within eight days from the date of receipt. Once this term has elapsed and if the material has been processed, it is considered approved and accepted. The acceptance of a complaint only entails the right to replace the goods or to reimburse the agreed value thereof, with the express exclusion of any other claim, compensation, indemnity and / or compensation for damages.

7. Guarantees

The warranty for defects is limited, by express agreement, to replacement, excluding compensation for any further damage, also with regard to art. 1494 2nd c. C.C., except for cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

8. Cancellation, suspension

The cancellation and partial or total suspension of the order is not allowed, except for material that in our sole discretion is considered commercial and resalable as it is not made on specific specifications and on condition that a charge is recognized by the Customer that can be defined from time to time.

9. Payment

In the event of delayed or non-payment, in addition to insolvency costs, interest on arrears equal to seven points over the rate of interest set pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2002. The payment terms run from the date of preparation.

10. Credits

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no limitations on credit transferability are permitted.

11. Privacy protection

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no limitations on credit transferability are permitted.

12. Jurisdiction

The Court of Milan is competent for any legal effect.