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Profital s.p.a. spreads the culture of quality at all levels

PROFITAL S.p.A. deals with the distribution and cutting to size of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, bronze and titanium.

From the Headquarter in Milan, located in the heart of the Lombard industrial triangle, we deliver, in Italy and Europe, the entire range of semi-finished products, both in long (extruded and drawn) and flat shapes (sheets, plates and strips).

Through the development of its Quality System, PROFITAL S.p.A. intends to increase its ability to respond quickly, efficiently and adequately to customer requests and to the changing scenarios of its reference market, offering high value-added services and up-to-date and advanced technical skills.

The fundamental principles of the Quality Policy of PROFITAL S.p.A. are summarized as follows:

Attention focused on the customer and interested parties:
The customer is a primary resource of the company and therefore the level of his satisfaction is an element of the utmost importance. In a market that is historically and naturally very volatile, the company is therefore committed to guaranteeing and maintaining a reliable and responsible technological partnership with customers, based on trust, knowledge of products and markets, the reliability of the logistics process and compliance with applicable quality standards in agreement with the customer.

PROFITAL S.p.A. therefore undertakes to understand the needs of customers and, consequently, plans its activities to fully satisfy their needs, explicit and implicit.

In the same way it operates in compliance with requests and requirements coming from:

  • the reference market;
  • the country in which it operates, in compliance with mandatory laws and regulations;
  • all the parties involved in their critical processes;
  • the policies and objectives of its Quality Management System.

Process approach
Compliance and updating to product technological standards are considered an integral part of operating methodologies as well as continuing to refine and optimize management processes with attention to innovations and correcting any imperfections found.

PROFITAL S.p.A. identifies the various activities of the company as processes to be planned, monitored and constantly improved and organizes, activates and monitors the resources involved in their implementation in the best possible way.

The company manages its processes to be unique:

  • the objectives to be pursued and the expected results;
  • the related responsibilities and the resources used;
  • interrelationships, interdependencies and monitoring points;
  • data and evaluation methodologies for improving performance.

PROFITAL S.p.A. assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of its QMS, making all the necessary resources available and making sure that the planned objectives are compatible with its business model, context and strategic guidelines defined by top management.

The company communicates the importance of ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of the QMS to all interested parties and actively involves them, coordinating and supporting them.

In particular, the management of PROFITAL S.p.A. is committed to constantly supporting the various management roles of the company, highlighting the indispensable importance of their contribution to improving the QMS.

Risk and opportunity assessment
PROFITAL S.p.A. plans its processes with a risk-based thinking (RBT) approach in order to implement the most suitable actions for:

  • assess and deal with the risks associated with the processes and the achievement of its strategic objectives;
  • exploit and reinforce the opportunities identified.

The company promotes, at all levels, an appropriate proactive approach in the management of critical issues and success factors

Involvement of staff and stakeholders
PROFITAL S.p.A. is aware that the involvement of staff and all stakeholders, combined with the active participation of all suppliers and external collaborators, is a primary strategic element for compliance, efficiency and improvement of its QMS. In consideration of this, the company shall:

  • communicate the principles of this Quality Policy to all interested parties;
  • disclose the objectives, contents and requirements of its QMS to all levels of the organization;
  • promote the development of internal professional skills and the careful selection of external collaborations in order to equip themselves with competent and motivated human resources;
  • keep all staff and collaborators constantly informed and trained on their QMS;
  • manage the activity of technical information to collaborators with the aim of pursuing maximum technological competence.

PROFITAL S.p.A. has a permanent goal to improve the performance of its QMS. The preliminary assessment of risks and opportunities connected to company processes, training and information, internal and external verification activities, the collection, resolution and analysis of Non-Conformities and Corrective Actions and the periodic review of the Management are the tools that the company puts in place to constantly improve and ensure that this Policy is correctly shared, understood and implemented.