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Profital s.p.a. spreads the culture of quality at all levels

With this goal, and in order to guarantee a quality product compliant with European regulations, we carry out:


  • Chemical analysis of materials and verification of compliance with specific alloys with X-ray equipment
  • Specific conductivity analysis for alloys mainly used in the electromechanical sector
  • Visual and dimensional checks for each lot
  • Punctual measurement with certified semi-annual calibration gauges (allowed error value +/- 0.02 mm; detected error value max. 0.01 mm)
  • Verification of all certifications for incoming material


  • Marking of all lots in stock
  • Traceability of orders in preparation
  • Optical readers and barcodes for the immediate identification of packages
  • Integrated Quantity measurement
  • Control lights for all outgoing packages

Control documents compliant with UNI EN 10204 are available for all lots.